Romantic Relationships : A Romantic Relationship Essay

Romantic Relationships : A Romantic Relationship Essay

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“Physical attractions are common, but a real mental connection is rare. If you find it, hold onto it.” This quote being said, think about how you would like to receive and give love in a romantic relationship. Everyone has different needs and wants in a romantic relationship. When finding a relationship type one usually will pull to one over the other due to their lifestyle at the time. Romantic relationships can be hard to figure out which type you may be in or was in, but each of these classifications will help people determine the relationship they may or may not have been in or are now in.

Disney Relationships are so-called fairy tale relationships. The couple falls in love fast and one could say love at first sight. Cinderella, She danced with the prince and they fell in love. She had to leave by midnight and it was at the top of the hour, she ran and lost one slipper going up the stairs. The prince found the slipper and searched for her. After he found her, they are married and lived happily ever after. This type of love is hard to find. It’s very hard to find someone who you can just automatically click with without lusting or only physical attraction. When you find this love, many will find it in the opposite type of person than what they normally find love in. When you find this love make sure you don’t become naive to the relationship. You will want to focus on how to keep the sparks flying in the relationship so the love don’t die off so to call. Disney relationships are the complete opposite of the three-point relationship due to the intensity and nature of the relationship.

Three Point Relationship is a relationship that has infidelity in the relationship. One person will love one partner, but intrigued by the othe...

... middle of paper ...

...e a person feel unworthy of public knowledge of the relationship. A excellent example of this is in the movie Despicable Me 2, Gru goes on a mission with Lucy to find a bad guy. Gru can’t stand the sight of Lucy. As they reach the end of their mission Gru falls in love with Lucy. This love can be very intriguing.

As you can see there is several different types of romantic relationships. Each person should be able to determine which type of relationship they have been in previously or are currently in from the classifications listed above. The almost perfect relationship i would have to say is the Disney Relationship and/or Oop’s, I did It Again Relationship. The worst relationship to be in I would have to say is the Bonnie and Clyde and/or Three Point Relationship. Choose wisely which relationship will work best for you due to your wants and/or needs.

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