The Romantic Poetry Of John Keats Essay

The Romantic Poetry Of John Keats Essay

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John Keats
Romantic poetry is often regarded as the largest artistic movement of the 18th century. Its presence could be felt across the globe and in most artistic disciplines of its time. The birth of romanticism can be seen as a reaction against the political events, neoclassicism, or anything else considered "orderly" of that time. Romantic poetry opposes rationality. Romantic poetry largely uses nature is to express individuality on an emotional level. One poet from the Romantic Movement is John Keats. John Keats ' poems To Autumn and Ode to a Nightingale, reveal himself while using a writing style that creates beauty.
Keats ' tragic early life led to his emotional writing. At the age of eight, his father dies of a skull fracture when he returns home after a visit to John at Enfield School. Less than two months later, Keats ' mother remarries a bank clerk named William Rawlings. Six months later, Keats ' grandfather, John Jennings, dies. Jennings begins a lawsuit by hiring a land surveyor instead of a lawyer to construct his will.
In addition, The will of Jennings cause much stress on the family. With his mother sick, divorced, and disappeared, Keats ' grandmother takes the boys. At nearly the age of seventy, she was left with half of the income left by her husband. Therefore, she relocated to a smaller house close enough to Enfield so John could continue his education. His grandmother leaves Richard Abbey and John Sandell in charge of Keats due to her old age. Both are merchants from London. At the age of fifteen, his mother falls ill and dies of tuberculosis.
At Enfield, John was not thought to be destined as a writer of any sort. Keats was remembered as a nice young boy. The Keats brothers were loved by many at s...

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...f excitement towards courting Franny allowed him to view barren fields as fields of beauty.
Sadly, Keats contracts tuberculosis November of 1819 and quickly falls ill. He moves to Italy on advice from his doctor, thinking that warmer weather would ease his condition. Friend and painter, Joseph Severn accompanies him. Consequently, his marriage with Brawne is over due to his health issues and lack of income as a poet. Keats’ last few weeks of life were described as particularly painful. Keats dies February 23rd, 1821 clutching the hand of Severn.
John Keats ' tragic life led to some of the greatest works of the romantic era. Keats ' use of nature and language created a deeper meaning to the way something is viewed, giving a beautiful verse with deeper meaning. The happiness and suffering of his life inspires his greatest works to be appreciated for days to come.

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