The Romantic Period Of The Nineteenth Century Essay

The Romantic Period Of The Nineteenth Century Essay

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England in the nineteenth century was a time of change, as people were migrating from farms to cities. Many worked as laborers and farmers to maintain a living, but by mid century there was a shift in the work force. As machine were introduced to the fields of industry, England entered its industrial revolution. Not only were people changing where they lived, but also how they viewed life. The nineteenth century was also known as the Romantic Period, when poets often wrote about economic and social changes in society. John Keats was a daring, Romantic lyric poet who wrote about life in a way that other poets would not.
Many romantic poets, also known as natural poets, wrote literature that spoke about psychological experiences, the beauty of nature and how its mystery acted about the human mind. A new way of describing the human experience gave a creative power to imagination, introducing a more liberal view to prose and poetry. Past compositions were more plain in style and about common subjects, whereas the Romantic Period shifted the language of poetry to one of heart and emotion. In a time of change with the use of imagination, poets appeared to fulfill the desire of the people to have a priest or a king (Daniel, Kathleen et al 637).
Keats’ family was no different than the others of their time as his father worked as a stable keeper and Keats worked along side him. Born in London England on October 31, 1795, Keats lived to be only twenty six years old when he died in Rome, Italy on February 23, 1821. After fighting tuberculosis in his later years, his condition hindered his ability to write, but Keats left a legacy of poetry rich in imagery and full of sensuous details that stood out from other poetry of his time (“Keats, ...

... middle of paper ... includes pairs of rhyming lines that alternate for twelve lines and then the last two rhyme make up the rhyming couplet (Kennedy, Elements of Poetry 841). Sometimes a poet may chose to write in unrhymed iambic pentameter, called blank verse, as John Keats did in his poem This Living Hand, Now Warm and Capable (Kennedy, Elements of Poetry 855).
Many poets were around during the Romantic period that were beginning to write differently about the changes in society during the nineteenth century. The combination of syntax, rich language and imagery makes John Keats’ publications recognizable even in current times. Not all poets were able to write about life the way this author did, even with the tragedies that he experienced. John Keats produced some of the finest works of poetry to capture the upcoming ideas of imagination and changes in society during his lifetime.

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