The Romantic Era Of John Keats Essay

The Romantic Era Of John Keats Essay

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John Keats, a poet of the romantic era was born in 1795 lived until the young age of 26 years, dying in the year 1821. His young death would be caused from the same sickness that first took his mother’s life. After the death of his father from falling off a horse, Keats went to go live with his grandmother leaving his mother and new stepfather behind. His mother remarried very quickly, her actions upset Keats very much, which made him want to move out so fast after his father’s death. He questioned if his mother actual loved his father if she could move on so fast. Keats was a relatively small man in stature; he was recorded to be around five feet three inches. He had unique passions and these qualities did not match his appearance and stature. He eventually became a writer but as a child, he was never interested in books or reading. Instead, young Keats had interests that were made up of being loud, rowdy, and enjoyed the act of fighting and wrestling, while still living with his grandmother received word that his mother was very ill and had symptoms of what he would later have himself. He returned to his mother after learning about her sickness and decreasing health. Looking after his mother until her death, this same sickness slowly taking each family member and in the end even Keats found himself trapped by this sickness (Everest 11).
Everest talks of Keats love of life and how even though its hardships he held on to the positive and his writing passion. Even though he may give off a small and shy appearance, Keats in his early years was crazy and excited for what the world held for him. This feature he has to look at whatever he is going through and change it into something interesting and ultimately helped him...

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...chance to see anything greater, or experience real life for what it is (Richards).
The Romantic Era Characteristics that Keats tends to use in his wrings is a mix of all the poets in a way. He unlike the others would, who would wright with the similar theme in all their pieces, Keats would vary his characteristics with his poems. Experimenting with the different characteristics with sonnet, romances and epics. A sonnet he call ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’ it was full of metaphors that regarded it as one of the best English sonnets to be written.
He would use characteristics ranging throughout the romantic age. He would wright about reversed role of man and woman. About nature, childhood and innocence. He tended to stay away from supernatural, and instead take a look around him at objects and place and find meaning in them or give them meaning.

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