Essay on The Romanian Revolution of 1989 by Peter Davies

Essay on The Romanian Revolution of 1989 by Peter Davies

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The Romanian Revolution of 1989 – What do we know and why is there not much information about it? This is part of the questions I have been asking myself. The fact is that few people have written about the actual events that took place during the fall of Communism in Romania in 1989. The more and more I looked into it, the more I realized that the only sources I found described the events but there was not a lot of explanation to as why or what caused the events not to mention the controversies of the revolution. In the process of finding thorough information, I came upon the Romanian Revolution of 1989 by Peter Davies. This book contributed to my research paper with a different view on the revolution as well as explanations to why the events took place and in what way they developed. The author goes into great detail whether the events of 1989 should be considered a coup d’état or a revolution. So how did the powerful Ceausescu regime come to an end so fast and how did the Ion Iliescu and the National Salvation Front come to power? This book explains it all!
This book has great detail and is one of the few contributions to our understanding of the collapse of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. The birth of democracy in Romania came with a lot of violence and involved the mass’s actions in order to take over the dictatorship. Peter Davies goes into great detail about the leaders and their implications in the revolution and his main goal is to provide as accurate and as credible a narrative of the revolution as possible (Davies p.6) The book is written in a way that the reader is put into the events and walked through them with a narrated explanation behind the event. Out of all the revolutions that happened in Eastern Europe, the Romanian...

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...t really opened my mind and will help along with my historical paper. One person cannot do a lot but as soon as you involve a lot of people, things can change very fast. What I Have learned from this research is that when things start to change it can change very fast. No matter how powerful the government is, it is always up to the people to step up. Fortunately there are very brave people in this world who are willing to lose their lives for the good of the others.


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