Essay on The Roman Vs. Medieval Civilization

Essay on The Roman Vs. Medieval Civilization

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It is evident that the Romans emulated much or all of Greek culture into their lives, even down to their philosophies and complete blatancy of using the same gods and goddesses. However, there was an apparent shift of Greco-Roman polytheism to medieval monotheism, which is where persons in this period started to pivot their attention primarily on just God, disregarding old traditions of other gods. They went from issuing deities to make sense of their ancient world, and using rational thought (never was this used before) to probe for questions, to a reliance on just one god for all explanations (the medieval period). However, as time progressed, during the time of the Renaissance, people were using some of the same techniques as Greco-Roman times – creating realistic art and similar architecture, even back a step to using logical inquisition. Additionally, they started to move to exploring a more enriched life than being holed in and practicing religion in solitude. With these above areas in mind, it would be deemed appropriate to explore these topics with some variance of each culture 's artistic production with several pieces of evidence to their similarities and differences of each transition.
Medieval monotheism was certainly a far cry from the previous use and practice of polytheism, but there are a few different functions that it held over Greco-Roman times, even comparative. The most different were that persons of the period were putting extreme emphasis on just one religion and, thus, many art forms became seemingly infiltrated with biblical scenes and interactions of higher figures in the church. However, in literature, it is evident that God had created everything we know, we can see this being addressed in “Genesis” o...

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...hich a person is in, even down to the culture in which they are participating. With monotheism it only God, that is in charge, and the prominent religious figures must maintain that idea. So, it results in individuals striving to achieve good morals so they can be live a life close to God. However, in polytheism, it is the run of the mill of which set of gods will be celebrated and prayed for; they have more freedom in how they want to shape themselves, and more probing question about their environment and culture. Lastly, the Renaissance was a revisit of classical ideals and while being more open to emulating older thoughts and discovering more of themselves while keeping in touch with their spiritual sides. I believe that art does change based the type of person someone happens to be, whom they are following, and what do they want out of their existence on earth.

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