The Roman Empire Over Time Essay

The Roman Empire Over Time Essay

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In 336 BCE Alexander the Great inherited both the title from his father, Philip of Macedon, as well his father’s policies. Alexander stated that invading Persia was going to be campaign bent on revenge for the invasion that Persia carried out against Greece in 480 BCE; this invasion would be the start of Alexander’s eastern empire. Alexander was taught and educated by Aristotle, at the age of twenty he was ready to assume to role of king. It was at this time that Alexander created the Hellenistic Age; it was during this time that extraordinary kingdoms were formed. These kingdoms, controlled by Greek rule, spread the culture, traditions, and ideals of the Greeks; however, these kingdoms changed the political world of the Greeks forever.
Polis, which derived from urban life of the Greeks during the archaic period, paved the way for the modern metropolis. By the time Alexander’s conquest of the Eastern world was drawing to an end, the Eastern empires had already been greatly influenced by Greek culture, ideals, and civilization. This Greek culture was derived from a myriad of civilization before it; as a result things such as the mythology, religion, education, mathematics, the alphabet, and more were already established in history. The Greeks used all of the knowledge and information to empower themselves, and as a result later civilizations, such as the Romans took many things from the Greeks.
Alexander was truly ahead of his times; he possessed the typical features of a Greek warrior, he also was a cunning and intellectually gifted man who influenced many. He was brilliant when it came to devising policy for the areas and kingdoms he conquered. As his conquests continued, Alexander would populate his cities with peop...

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... As a result of these changes the Pax Romana came into light; the Pax Romana was period marked by peace, growth, and prosperity for the Roman Empire. During this time Christianity spread like wild fire throughout the empire. Christianity united the empire under one religion, something that allowed for common ground. After Augustus the empire once again began to decay, but at the hands of Constantine and Diocletian the empire was restored to order. Both emperors defended the empire from barbarian attacks, defeated those who threatened the empire, and aided in the reform of the economy. The Empire, and Christianity, took hold as a result of Constantine’s rules. Constantine was responsible for founding Constantinople and building a great deal of churches throughout the Empire. Constantine was a leader who had numerous plans for Christianity, but was unable to.

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