Essay about Roman Empire Influences On The United States

Essay about Roman Empire Influences On The United States

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Roman Empire influences on the United States
The strength of the United States of America was formulated by its design to be a superpower. These etiologies did not just appear by happenstance, these foundations were built on some of the ideologies of Rome and its political system. Like Rome, it had enough of kings and a monarchy. Rome overthrew its Etruscans rulers in 509 B.C. They formed a republic where citizens choose representatives to govern on their behalf, which was a precursor to our own governmental infrastructure. The United States modeled its new republic government very much like Rome, even Government buildings are akin to Rome 's architecture, as well as its desires to be an uncontested military strength formed to protect its freedoms from monarchies and invaders.
The founding fathers of The United States of American mimicked several aspects of The Roman Republic. Roman began its radical change after a heinous crime of King Tarquin 's son committed upon a noble woman Lucretia, this was the beginning of the end of the Etruscan dynasty. With this in mind, the Senate decided to over through king, they no longer wanted to be ruled by that king or any other kings. With this in mind, the word King "Rex" became to mean an insult. The idea that No one person had ultimate control was a strong influence to us as well. Need a new moniker for the res publica "the public thing," Rome embarked on building separate branches of government, this was a way of keeping checks and balances. The highest position which loosely parallels our president was the Consuls, two men of Patrician lineage were elected by an assembly to serve for a year. Each Consul was given Veto power over the other. Additionally, these consuls controlled and...

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.... Although the Roman Empire has ceased for thousands of years in some ways it still lives in daily in our government process. We are fortunate to admire the great wonders that inspired so many of our historical monuments. A nations strong defense is paramount to stabilizing a civilization and protecting one 's citizens. Technical advancements in the fighting world have developed on a as needed basis as we saw in Rome.

In conclusion, Rome legacy has left many lasting impacts throughout the United States, our exquisite architecture western government our extraordinary military protects this great nation every day. The Roman influences are far reaching and significant to today 's society. We should all thank our founding fathers for being so knowledgeable of Rome 's history and greatness and as a superpower. We are all blessed to come from such rich history.

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