Roman Empire During The Middle Ages Essay

Roman Empire During The Middle Ages Essay

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In the early Middle Ages, Europe begins to make strides towards a new culture, one that was completely different from anything that had come before. By the beginning of the Middle Ages, the Western side of the Roman Empire was politically finished. Rome had previously been a largely influential political entity. Even though Rome no longer existed politically, its culture continued on, showing the culture of a society is more durable than the society itself.
Prior to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the early Middle Ages, Rome was identified as being the large icon of Europe. If someone was Roman, they took pride in this fact and identified themselves as such. However, this view began to change. The idea of a proper Roman citizen began to change, and people were no longer so concerned with identifying as Roman. The culture of Rome still continued on, however, the culture that evolved in Europe was a hybrid of many different past cultures, Roman included. Three main elements that contributed to the newly forming European culture were Greco-Roman Civilization, Barbarian Traditions, and Christianity.
As the nature of the culture in Europe began to change, many of the Roman traditions and beliefs were kept, they were simply adapted. The new forming culture was heavily influenced by Roman culture, but many other cultures also contributed to the new hybrid culture that was present in Europe. The Greco-Roman civilization provided a large amount of classical influence on the new culture. Large portions of the population in Europe were not Roman, but they were influenced by the Romans. Roman law and language are kept and used, but they are each adapted in order to fit into this new culture. Because Rome was a largely successful ...

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...t the world surrounding them sparked the beginning of the Age of Discoveries. Europe began to enter a period of discoveries and expansion of new lands, further pushing it towards the modern era.
The end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance brought about a new way of thinking for Europeans. It initiated a desire to return to the classics, back to the basis of literature and art and thinking. The culture become more focused on worldly concerns rather than being consumed with religion and the divine. Religion is put on the back burner and there is a large secularization of politics and religion. People being to develop curiosity for things that were previously unexplored, like the human body and lands beyond Eurasia. This spirit of inquiry lead to the beginning of discoveries and changes that transformed Europe into the beginnings of the modern world that it now is.

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