The Roman Empire Architecture: The Pantheon Essay

The Roman Empire Architecture: The Pantheon Essay

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ADV History of The Arts

Religion was immensely significant during The Roman Empire, considering that the first Roman architects were priests. The priests would compose beautiful places exclusively for the gods. Many of these gods were those adapted from other cultures, like the greeks(JCPS). This prevented uprisings from conquered territories.The Romans used many of the Greeks ideas but they used their own new materials and ideas to make the Roman Empire one of the most famously known sites for their extraordinary architecture.(Moulton, 56 v.1) The local people would then worship at these places. Majority of the public buildings in rome consisted of temples to worship the gods. Roman architecture influenced construction all over the world, and continues to do so today. Roman Architecture was generally influenced through the roman religion therefore roman buildings were heavily religiously based.

One of the most impressive engineering accomplishments of Rome was the Pantheon. It is a Roman Temple built by the Emperor Hadrian,who ruled from A.D 118 to A.D 138.(Moulton, 94-95 v.3) and was dedicated to all the gods of Pagan Rome(DuTemple, 6).The Pantheon is dated back to the decade A.D 118 to A.D 128.(Moulton, 94-95 v.3) The wide concrete dome was one of the most remarkable features of the Pantheon. (Moulton, 56 v.1) The interior of the dome in the Pantheon is where the oculus is located, this is where light was emitted, not only did the oculus illuminate the interior, but it also made the Pantheon structurally stronger. The Pantheon included columns, vaults, and domes to give it a rare design that amazes people all around the world( DuTemple, 40). President Thomas Jefferson looked to the Pantheon when designing th...

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...atican. It was considered sacred because the Christians believed that St.Peter had been crucified. A large church church was dedicated to St.Peter at the Vatican after Constantine converted to Christianity.”The altar of the church was located directly above an early Christian shrine thought to mark the burial place of the saint. Many other buildings grew up around this church, which was linked to the center of Rome by a street lined with columns. This street became a sacred way for Christians.(Moulton, 113-114 v.4) “The Romans are also known for their design of buildings called basilicas-rectangular meeting halls with semicircular apses(usually at one end), interior colonnades, and high clerestory windows.”(JCPS) One of the most influential basilicas at the time was Saint Peters Basilica, which is now the center of Roman Catholic Religion(Moulton, 113-114 v.4).

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