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The Roman Empire and Risk Essay examples

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Did you ever think that a simple board game like Risk could relate to something as supreme and substantial as the Roman Republic? The board game Risk is a strategic, turn-based game in which players try to expand their empire and dominate the world. Players hope to gain power by conquering territories and by strengthening their army. To gain land, participants of the game must roll dice and score higher than the defender of the territory. Many times, territory is fought over, but other times the land is too strong to be conquered. Strategies are used to help fortify, expand and protect empires. The Roman Republic (509 B.C. - 27 B.C) was extremely powerful due to a large, strong army with lots of territory. Rome started off as a small city state and expanded into an ascendant republic. Strategies of the Roman Republic included aggression, strong border territories, and alliances. When playing the game Risk, power, conquest and strategy play critical roles in success; likewise the Roman Republic used these concepts to fortify and expand their territory.
In winning the game Risk, power is a key factor. To gain power, players must have lots of land, wealth and forces. All players start out equal and over time, empires will start to rise or deplete. The empires that are rising will commonly fight for power. Eventually, one empire will overpower the others and use aggression to dominate. Players with powerful empires obtain many matching cards from conquest and typically dominate whole continents. Also, powerful

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players will seem indomitable and can cause opponents to be fearful of any move. Taking many risks and using aggression is a strategy that frequently works in acquiring power. Additionally, using defense is critic...

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...onquer the world; similarly the Romans fought belligerently to conquer all the land they could. Strategies play a key factor in winning Risk and the Roman Republic used a myriad of tactics to gain power and land. To conclude, the Roman Republic thrived during its time, and its important to know what the Romans did during their republic because still to this day similarities are being made to it.

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