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Looking for water, food, some history and whole lot of new and exciting experiences, look no farther than Rome, Italy. Most people have dreams and wishes about things they want to do in their lifetime, things they want to have, people they want to meet, or places they want to go. When it comes to places that someone wants to go, it may be as simple as going to a different state than the one they grew up in or it may as far as across the country. The modern world today has so many options of places to go no matter what a person’s interests are. Countries such as Africa or the Dominican Republic may fit for a person who wants to make a diggerence, while places like France or Italy may be good places for someone who enjoys more leisure activities. Rome is a city in Italy that is full of many attractions that draw people there. The city of Rome is the home of many great places to go, people to know, and food to eat.
Rome is a great place to visit with many places that have great historical significance and are still around today. In an interview with an experienced traveler of Rome, Mrs. Julie Vankat, she named her top three places to visit while there, two more educational sights since she is a teacher, and one sight that is still educational but the students insist upon seeing. One place to note in Rome is the Colosseum (Vankat). According to Adele Evans in DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Rome, the Colosseum in Rome was a place where community events such as gladiator fights took place in its high times (15). In the time the colosseum’s high popularity gladiator fights were seen as social events like going to a movie or a musical in today’s society. Another book by Kim Kavin claims that the Colosseum was also commonly used ...

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...s is a great experience that people hope to do in their lifetime. People try every day to make their dreams come true, no matter how much it takes. While some people dream of going to a certain place, others think stuff they want, and still others dream of people or groups that they want to meet, dreams are endless.

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