Roman and Islamic Art and Architecture

Roman and Islamic Art and Architecture

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When walking around a city, you may notice that the architecture and art look similar to other works. Many of these designs have changed along the course of history and time whilst others have not. The designs that many people still see in society and day to day living is from two of the many cultures of the old civilizations, Roman and Islamic. The art and architecture forms from the Islamic and Roman cultures have many comparisons and contrasts between them. They, the Islamic and Roman nations, have both adopted from other cultures and have made their own discoveries in the art and architecture worlds. The Roman and Islamic architecture and art vary drastically from each other and yet have varying comparisons between the two.

The Romans have adopted many features from the Greek style of art and architecture during the third and second centuries B.C. During that time period the Romans discovered that they have taking a liking to Greek statues, which they placed in many different places. The Roman sculptors then decided to also start making statues alongside the Greeks. The statues that the Romans created were realistic looking with, sometime, unpleasant details of the body. The Greeks made statues with, what they thought of, ideal appearances in the statues figure. Sculpture was possibly considered the highest form of art by the Romans, but figure painting was very high considered as well. Very little of Roman painting has survived the tests of time.

Islamic art and architecture is a blend from three or more different cultural traditions from the east. The Arab, Turkish, and Persian traditions are three such traditions that were adopted into the Islamic art and architecture design. The best expressions of Islamic art and architecture are found in Muslim mosques. The mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for prayer of Islam. Mosques are also a center for information, education, and dispute settlement. One of the most famous mosques of the Islamic art is the Great Mosque of Samarra in preset day Iraq. The Great Mosque of Samarra also has a spiral staircase on the outside of it.

The Romans also excelled in the highly practical art, architecture. The Romans were the first people in antiquity to use concrete on a massive scale. By using concrete in their new architectural designs, the Romans were able to construct huge buildings, bigger than the Greeks ever could have dreamed of.

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The Romans still used the Greek style of architecture such as the rectangular buildings and colonnades. Romans were also using architecture forms that were based on curved lines: the arch, dome, and vault are such examples. Architecture such as bridges, aqueducts, temples, and basilicas were very important in unifying the empire. Basilicas were buildings that served as administration purposes to the empire, cities, and to the people.

The art and architecture that originally have been created and designed from the Roman and Islamic civilization is still used today in modern day society. The Roman and Islamic architecture and art is used in many private households and in government buildings. Arches, columns, and sculptures are three examples of the Roman art and architecture that is used in the modern era. The pointed arches, fountains, and mosques are also examples of Islamic art and architecture in the present-day time period. Both civilizations invented different forms of the arch and modified it to satisfy their needs from building supports to artistic looks. In conclusion, the comparisons and contrasts between the Roman and Islamic art and architecture vary from one civilizations culture to the other civilizations culture.

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