Rolls Out Brand New Krmc Interface For Secure Remote Management Users Essays

Rolls Out Brand New Krmc Interface For Secure Remote Management Users Essays

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Kanguru Rolls Out Brand New KRMC Interface for Secure Remote Management Users

The Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) gives you an easy way to track your company’s devices and communications from anywhere in the world. Now we’re introducing our new Endpoint Protector which works to give you even more control. For larger companies with devices both in their facilities and in places it’s all over the world, it’s becomes a lifesaver to put the control in one central location.

Why Should I Use Endpoint Protector?

For all the information being kept on your devices, you need a way to manage it all. Between your many employees and specialized projects, KRMC’s Endpoint Protection can authorize practically all web activity from an entirely cloud-based interface, so your data is organized and secure. Not only is sensitive company data safe within your organization, it is safe anywhere employees go too. Even when information is encrypted, it can still be dangerous if physical devices falls into the wrong hands by human error. If you’ve already used Kanguru’s remote cloud service, you know you can disable or delete information from a USB in no time. Now we give you additional layers of security. This lets you monitor all of your communication through a government-grade, high-level system, and allows you to see locations of the devices based on their IP addresses. You can remotely message people through the platform, and create graphical reports from the interface as well.

Stronger Passwords and Alert Settings

The new Endpoint Protector interface features Mobile Device Management (MDM) which ensures your passwords are actually functioning properly. Customize the amount of special characters that must be used as well as how often t...

... middle of paper ...

...pment isn’t somehow infecting your network by blocking unauthorized devices. You can also see exactly which equipment is being used and at what times through our reporting structure.

Simple Software

We realize that software is useless if it’s too complicated, and we also realize that upgrading your programs often agitates a workforce. We’re here to show you how it all works, so you can see the big picture of your company. Registering and deploying the software takes no time at all, and the steps are easy to follow. Once you’ve registered, you can then choose to be the sole keeper of the functionality or if you want to be the master keeper with other parties having specific access levels. This not only allows you to monitor your employee’s equipment, but also lets you put the people in charge who can best handle the responsibility so you have the proper back-up.

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