The Roles Organizational Philosophy, Leadership Style, And Critical Assessment Of Hrm Policies

The Roles Organizational Philosophy, Leadership Style, And Critical Assessment Of Hrm Policies

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In recent times, the link between how managements organisational philosophy, leadership style, and critical assessment of HRM policies, are inextricably linked to employee well-being, has grown significantly. Studies on the relation between work and perceived well-being that attribute employee well-being to characteristics of the work environment have existed for decades (Gregersen, Nienhaus & Vincent – Hoper, 2014). The role of management in employee well-being is far ranging and can be influenced by many factors at a management level. This essay will focus on three key areas that are directly associated with management and employee well-being. However, before exploring the role of management in employee well-being, it’s necessary to briefly examine what exactly employee well-being is.
Employee well-being can be defined as representing the physical, mental, and emotional facets of employee health, synergistically acting to affect individuals in a complex manner (DeJoy & Wilson, 2003). The majority of academic research has focused on constructs such as general physical health, general mental health, job satisfaction, employee morale, work place stress to name a few. (e.g., Goetzel, 2003; Jones, Flynn, & Kelloway, 1995; Yeung & Berman, 1997) put in an alternative and add to reference list! From an organisational management perspective, wellbeing is a major attribute in quality, performance, productivity and therefore business effectiveness and profit.
An organisations philosophy is a set of beliefs and principles that an organisation endeavour to work toward. (add a quote) Essentially, it’s the organisations operational blue print. As a business entity, a companies philosophy is a reflection of the values of its leaders and theref...

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...ell-being (schaufeli & Enzmann, 1998). Should leaders exhibit behaviours that do not bring out the best in employees, this can detrimentally effect whether or not a workplace is healthy. Other behaviours such as encouraging, promoting and educating employees to be innovative, self-directive, share information, will influence how employees perceive tasks and direction presented to them by their leader (Wilson et al., 2004).
One of the many roles managers need to be able to perform competently, accurately and strategically, is critically assessing the impact their human resource management policy (HRM) has on employee well-being. There are numerous methods used in
One such methodology is to consider the four C’s, that being commitment, competence, cost effectiveness and congruence in analysing whether HRM policy enhances employee well-being. (Beer, m. et al 1984).

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