Roles Of Women 's Rights Essay

Roles Of Women 's Rights Essay

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Around the world there are people from different countries, with different religions, cultures and traditions, but they are all divided into two categories, male and female. One may come from the same country with the same background, but their gender determines their rights and the way their lives are going to be set up. In today’s society, as soon as people are aware of the baby’s gender, they automatically start buying pink clothes if it is a girl and blue clothes if the baby is a boy. We associate girls with playing with Barbie dolls and boys playing with cars and trucks. It does not seem normal if a girl wants to play with cars and trucks because she is not supposed to get her dress dirty. Such minor examples lead to bigger problems in the real world. The role women were subjected to was housewife and mother, until they decided to speak up and change the social norm. Women’s rights are a vital issue in the world since women’s roles and statuses are looked down upon, regardless of their strong character and willpower. Discrimination based on gender leads to the violation of women’s rights and unequal treatment in the workplace which can be identified through the wage gap, limited career opportunities, and the outdated ideas about the role of women in society.
Throughout many decades women have been struggling to have the same equality as men do, both in the work place and at home. Women have come a long way and continue fighting to gain equality, but gender roles are crucial and society continues to encourage the distinction between gender roles. The treatment of the female gender differs from that of the male, since from childhood one learns and adapts to specific gender roles and their gender becomes more evident in determi...

... middle of paper ... gender since they are as intelligent as men are.
In the United States, women seem to be more open minded and have some power and respect, but that is not the case in other countries. Many women have no say in their daily lives since they are overruled and controlled by the men, who are the head of the household and hold all the power. In many cases, women’s rights are an issue in Muslim countries where religion is law and plays as a barrier for equal rights and women’s power to have a voice. But it does not end there. Even though women’s rights and equality have come far along, it is still not enough to say that women and men share equal rights and power. Women are still seen as cooks and birth givers, but are not credited for being the source of power that holds the family together because men downgrade women and place themselves as the head of the household.

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