Roles of the US Government in the US Economy Essay

Roles of the US Government in the US Economy Essay

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How the US Government plays a role in our US Economy
Fiscal responsibility is an important part of stability and the government must focus on maintaining the economic stability. As we all know, Government dept can quickly become a burden on the economy and weaken it. Macroeconomic policies change credibility of the government and strengthen political institutions. It is very important that our economy has credibility and stability because it’s vital to us Americans long term investment decisions that allow the US economy to grow. Government provide stability by ensuring to maintain stability of currency, enforce-defend property rights, and provide oversight that assures private citizens that their transaction partners in marketplaces are accountable.
Allowing market participants to begin putting their resources back to work in areas they’d be most beneficial. President Obama’s fiscal responsibility summit last February indicated that he understood the urgent need for fiscal discipline. Congress’s enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and President’s proposed budget makes the goals of a sustainable budget and addressing nations longer term fiscal priorities, such as entitlement liabilities, even more elusive. The administrations recently released midsession reviews from the office of management and budget that over the next 10 years the accumulated deficits will total $9 trillion which means that the debt held by public will be a staggering 77% of GDP in 2019. If the debt level continues to grow faster than our economy, the US will owe more than it makes.
Government spending and deficits automatically increase during economic downturns due to more demand on social safety net provisions and falling tax revenue...

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...rty was ignored in the social aspect of economics.
Government intervention was and is still necessary to remedy the inequities that evolved from economic liberalism. Antitrust laws were deemed to prevent undermining competition of monopolies and cartels, labor laws to protect rights of workers; public utility regulations to prevent consumer exploitation, food drug laws were designed to protect health of the people, antipollution measures to preserve our environment, safety regulations enforced to protect workers from injury and socioeconomic legislation to promote the common good.
The amount of government regulation, restriction, and intervention in the economy is substantial. No free markets, and rapid innovations in technology and communications, the need for government intervention in the economy is necessary to correct abuses or to promote general welfare.

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