The Roles Of The Service Coordinator Essay

The Roles Of The Service Coordinator Essay

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The role of the Service Coordinator is to connect clients to resources on campus and in the community. Our client population could potentially be in the exploratory, establishment, or maintenance phase. For clients in the exploratory stage, assessments could be the biggest benefit for them since most people in this stage could be unsure of what direction they want to go in. Clients in establishment phase might be clients who are towards the end of their undergraduate or graduate degrees and are seeking to strengthen skill sets in the work force. Maintenance phase clients could be in the process of furthering their education or doing continued education that is required by their career.

Clients will have access to FOCUS, where they have access to online assessments. These resources help clients who are feeling unsure of what direction they want to take in their career path. Once the client has taken the assessments on FOCUS, the counselor is able to work with the client in processing what the results were. FOCUS also allows the client to learn more about the degrees that are offered here at ISU. Along with having FOCUS as a resource for our clients, I will have handouts that direct them to CareerOneStop, Idaho Career Information System as other possibilities for information. The websites offer different resources such as assessments, learning more about a career field and learning about other possible pathways someone can pursue.

Clients who are curious about a specific career and are unsure if that is something they would like can seek out a position through Career Path Internships (CPI). “The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for students to be employed both on and off campus as interns in positions conco...

... middle of paper ... can also work closely with the client IPO advisor as the counselor explores with the client the possibilities that are available to students who come to ISU.

Resources that are from the community would include Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab). Voc Rehab offers clients who have a disability, or meet other requirements to funding for schooling, training, or tools required for a certain career. Having Voc Rehab as a resource allows us to be able to help more of our clients meet their goals. Another resource from the community would be businesses that have an affiliation with ISU. Through this affiliation, business can come to job fairs that are held and there is a potential for CPI’s to be created at that business. Working closely within our community ensures that graduates from ISU know of jobs within the state and those businesses can continue to grow.

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