Roles Of Strategic Plan For Change Management Essay

Roles Of Strategic Plan For Change Management Essay

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Change is the only constant process in organizations, which is necessary for growth. This change is driven by market or industry conditions; social, political and economic conditions. Technology advancement also impacts change in organizations in that, these organizations may need to adopt the changes in order to survive. Even though change is immanent, Van de Ven & Sun (2001), brings out that the implemented change must be in line with the organization’s objectives. Failure to align the organization’s objectives with the change may major gaps in the organization’s strategy. Hayes (2014), stated that about sixty percent of organizations who fail in implementing change did so as a result of misalignment.
ABS Corporation, a RPO organization has decided to undergo an organization change on how services are currently being delivered to their clients. In order to facilitate the change, the organization has decided use external consultants to manage the implementation of the change. This paper is going to examine the role of change agents, the development of strategic plan for change management as well as change management best practices to be used in order to create a sustainable change within the organization.
Imminent Change at ABS Corporation
ABS Corporation is a UK based organization, whose operations expended to the United States in 2012. Over the past years, its performance and efficiency have steadily declined. Unfortunately, this decline has started to negatively impact the financials of the organization. Due diligence was done within the firm to identify the necessary changes to be implemented. The Sales and Implementation department were the first department to have its operations reengineered. The Sales depart...

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...arantee success. Therefore, the leadership team cannot for a fact reassure employees of the outcome. Unfortunately, this fear of the unknown has prevented some organizations to implement vital change within their operational structure.
• Fear of failure. To many organizations, failure is unaccepted. As a result, both the leadership team and employees are at times reluctant in accepting a change, especially if the organization has undergone previous change.
Stonehouse (2013), stated that resistance to change is a natural reaction. Therefore any action taken to mitigate resistance should be in a positive manner, because ‘resistance is not simply a force to overcome; it indicates a different viewpoint that should be listened to and explored’ (Stonehouse, 2013). Below are some best practices that can be put in place by change agents in order to manage change management.

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