The Roles of Respect in “Spanglish” and “The Stolen Party

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To dwell in a society, respect is genuinely relevant. It construes the dignity of an individual. Ideally, it is interpreted as a gratitude value of someone or something and several people believe that respect is an act of conduct others with just and kindness. However from some individual’s point of view, it means much more than just an act of appreciation. It is the cornerstone of the social order in which we exist. As seen in the scripts of “Spanglish” and “The Stolen Party,” respect played an influential role of binding relationships between the characters of the story. Respect does not belong to cultures or ethics. It comes from one’s inner feelings and expressed in a form of gratitude. For some individuals respect is worth more than worldly desires. At present, respect is not considered a necessity in this world, but I can’t visualize a person getting far in life without this personality trait. Respect has always been given in different forms to individuals or folks when we meet or greet them. As observed in the movie called “Spanglish” the protagonist Flor and John Clasky hav...

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