The Roles Of Masculinity And Femininity Essays

The Roles Of Masculinity And Femininity Essays

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The traditional role of masculinity and femininity is usually controlled by gender. Society has traditionally adhered to the patriarchal side of society. This has been the true since the vanguard of time. Women thus far in society have been portrayed as weaker as and less intelligent than their counterparts. Movie and television have taken position to place, the alpha role in society of men, and that may have its own unexpected outcomes. This in turn has perpetuated through actual society as a semi-permanent stigmatism of their role in life. Situational awareness of voting rights, ownership rights, and equal pay for women has been forever imputed, in this category and many others. Through film and social media women in the tradition of fem has changed for the better. Men 's rolls thus far has been as the dominant figure in film and in life, however there are gender bending, masculinity and femininity swaps of sorts. Things have changed and improved exponentially and this will be the path that I will follow for this paper.

The movie that I will be writing about is one of the past films that we have watched and reviewed, named Dear White People. This film has taken the traditional role of women and empower them to portray themselves as equals to men and or greater. There will be three sections of this paper. The first section will cover the leading roles and the empowering positions that women played in this movie. Secondly I will be discussing the alteration of the societal standards of men in this film. Lastly I will talk over how this film balances the gender masculinity/femininity rolls.

Dear White People is an edgy satirical comedy about race and gender relations on a college campus -- simultaneously functioning as a mirro...

... middle of paper ...

... very fabric of what America thought about women working outside of the house and having their own career. Men were considered equal to women in almost every way, to a limited fashion, but enough to push the bounds ever so slightly. The television series Murphy Brown even had a reaction from the Vice President at the time (Dan Quayle), and he said "this television show sets a bad example in the essence of being a single mother". I guess he would 've been happier with the show that he grew up with like Gidget or Ozzie and Harriet and of course the ever beloved, I Dream of Jeanie.

As of the role of women and men changed, so went society in that direction. And that is a good thing. Stuck in the status quo is never a way to live for any individual or society. We as a people should move on push forward the bounds of what traditional is, and carpe Diem (seize the day).

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