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Roles Of Gender And Power Essay

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For years, women have had to fight for voting rights, equal pay, and equal work opportunities. What this suggests, is that women have had to prove themselves to be accepted. Through the use of two interviews, the role of gender and power in love relationships was examined. The first interviewee, Monica Robles, is a 33-year-old, married woman and a mother of two. Monica describes herself a family oriented, powerful, independent, ambitious woman. She is a Relationship Banker at Bank of America, where she advises and guides highly valued customers with their financial needs. The second interviewee, Leonel Mendoza, is a 25-year-old married male, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran, and is currently an aircraft mechanic. Therefore, based on the two interviews conducted, this essay will seek to explain that even though these two married individuals tend to engage in more egalitarian married lives, the role of income, gender expectations (motherhood and masculinity), and gender equality tends to generate differences in their love lives. Through a close examination of the interviews, I argue that these egalitarian narratives serve as masks, that blind individuals and does not allow them to see the inequalities that come from their romantic relationships, it is the idea of being separate but equal that reinforces gendered roles, and allows the gendered outcomes to go unquestionable.
To begin with, income was one of the most important things for my two interviewees. For Monica, it was her financial autonomy that contributed to her powerful status. As captured by her interview, it was through her stable income that she was able to apply for loans, and through that she able to purchase several houses, and start a new business. On the other hand,...

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...s not matter how progressive both interviews tried to be about gender equality. Their interviews were able to unmask that face, both interviewees still play into the gender roles and expectations our culture has created. Therefore, when examining the social structures and the position of women through the lenses of gender, we can see that a male’s power is at the center of it all, and it is this power that generates gender inequalities. Nonetheless, everyone plays a role in the propelling of these inequalities. Gender inequalities survive because people are socialized to form part of the system; it is what society teaches us. Therefore, hiding behind gender “equality,” is just another way to reinforce this oppressive system, due to the fact that people are avoiding it, what they are really doing is just blinding themselves and accepting it, instead of questioning it.

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