Roles Of Father Is Spending Time With Their Children Essay

Roles Of Father Is Spending Time With Their Children Essay

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Three of the most important roles in father is spending time with their children, being a positive role model, and nurturing their child. These are the most important parts of being a father because the child learns from the adult in their live and if they have an adult who is present in their lives and cares for them then they are more likely to grow up with a higher self-esteem. According to the article Effective Fathering “too many fathers become convinced that they are simply an extra set of hands to help around the house” Men often times do not see themselves as a crucial part of their children’s lives.
Spending time with the children will help the father better get to know them and understand their difficulties, aspirations in life. Children like to associate love with how much time is spent with them, if a father spends time with his child then the child will believe that his father truly does love them. Another thing that can happen while spending time with the child is teaching them about positive things in life. The father can incorporate life lessons, values and beliefs into the conversions they have as well as experiences that they’ve had that they don’t want their child going through.
Being a positive role model in your child life can encourage them to be positive in their own life. The way the father interact with the world; reacts to bad/good new, the way he treats people and the way he looks at the world guides the child to doing the same thing and reacting the same way. The way the fathers treat the child’s mother will be in turn how the child treats his partners in the future and the way the father treats his kids will be the way the child treats his future kids. Things like that are passed on by learning fr...

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... does try to protect and provide for them and serve as a role model. He enjoyed spending time with his youngest son Kevion and because of that time he does get to talk to Kevion and explain his life experiences and try to be a positive role model in his life and the life of Tremmell and Terrell. There are a few things in which Ken needs to work, which is the way he responds to certain situations and problems. When the kids disobey him he does tend to yell, screen and even get a little physical with them. He should instead calm down and reason with the children and explain why he put a set of rules and why they should obey them. Another thing that can does is talk about Kevion 's mother in front of him, he should treat Kevion 's mother the way he wants Kevion to treat his future partner and treat the kids the same way he wants the kids to treat their future children.

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