Essay on Roles As A Special Education Teacher Ms. Crangle Wears Many Hats

Essay on Roles As A Special Education Teacher Ms. Crangle Wears Many Hats

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Differing Roles
As a special education teacher Ms. Crangle wears many hats. Ms. Crangle has what can be assumed to be a large closet that she utilizes as a resource room. When in the resource room, Ms. Crangle works individually or in small groups with special education students that need a more intensive approach to education than the general education classroom can provide. Ms. Crangle utilizes manipulatives frequently during her time in the resource room. Manipulatives especially in math have been shown to improve a student’s conceptual understanding on the concepts. Ms. Crangle also utilizes her time in the resource room for individual assessments.
Ms. Crangle also spends much of her time in the general education classroom. During her time in the general education classroom Ms. Crangle co-teaches with the classroom teacher. Her focus is primarily on helping the special education student in her charge to understand the curriculum and provide individual assistance when necessary.
Collaborative Culture
Although, Ms. Crangle 's primary responsibility is special education, it is difficult to distinguish this separate role after viewing the video clip of Ms. Maheady. It appears as though Ms. Maheady includes Ms. Crangle in all activities, including planning. When Ms. Maheady is giving a tour of her classroom she often speaks in plural. For example, “we focus on vocabulary, we always …”. This collaboration between the special education teacher and classroom teacher demonstrate to the students how to effectively work together as a team. The end result not only benefits the special education student, but the general education student as well.
Ms. Maheady expands the collaboration in her classroom beyond her work with the special ed...

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...e for the parent. Many times a parent has more frequent conversation with these teachers than they would any other member of team. As a result, the parent may feel more comfortable addressing any concern they may have regarding their child’s welfare with these teachers.
One missing party of the IEP team is the student. Student may participate in IEP meeting if it is deemed to appropriate by the IEP team. It may be assumed the Nicki’s exclusion from the meeting is a result of her age or grade level. When viewing Ms. Maheady’s classroom it is evident that she teacher a lower to middle elementary classroom. This would place Nicki below the age of 12. It is in my opinion that excluding a student under the age of 12 from and IEP meeting is appropriate. Children under the age of 12 may view the discussions regarding their education as personal attack and sign of failure.

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