The Roles And Responsibilities Of Managing Change Essay

The Roles And Responsibilities Of Managing Change Essay

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This paper will discuss a manager’s role and responsibility in implementing change in the department. Change in the health care is continuous cycle which in some departments may result in anxiety, resistance to the change by employees, and in some cases individuals that the change will affect could experience angst as they assume the change may affect their future or livelihood (, 2015).
Roles and responsibility of manager in implementing change
The roles and responsibility of the manager is significant as he or she will need to inform the employees of the process of the change and how the change will directly or indirectly affect their duties, work area, and schedule. In the event of a change before implementing the changes the manager is responsible for claiming the fears and misunderstanding about the change among his or her employees on the alterations due to implementing this change. When implementing a change the manager or managers responsible for decreasing any anxiety, frustration, or fear of the change by proactively informing the department of the differences on the horizon related to the change and how they will affect their jobs and duties. The successfulness of the change is the responsibility of the manager and following the procedures for implementing changes can save a lot of trouble later after the change is complete (, 2015).
Consequently, the staff will become suspicious of the adjustments on the horizon and as a result rumors or speculations could spread. Therefore, it is also the manager’s role to keep employees informed on what is going on in the process when making changes. Information should be released by the manager as needed to keep employees from being apprehensive abou...

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...rganization’s culture and in conjunction with knowledge management along with organizational learning can bring about a cultural change in an organization or department. There are many mechanisms, actions and behaviors that the individual leader, leadership teams within the department must apply to bring about a cultural change in the organization or department.
In conclusion, information in this paper discusses the roles and responsibilities of a manager in implementing a change within a department or organization and the components that make up how a manager can successfully handle resistance to change. It also defines knowledge management and organizational learning as they both are needed to bring about a cultural change in an organization or department and the vital role transformation leadership plays in bring that cultural change to the department.

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