Roles And Responsibilities At Mercure And Ibis During My Work Placement Essay

Roles And Responsibilities At Mercure And Ibis During My Work Placement Essay

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The roles and responsibilities assigned to me at Mercure and Ibis during my work placement involves:

➢ Provide secretarial support to my Supervisor by organising, maintaining and updating HR files such as: Employment files, contracts, payroll files, leaves, termination status, training and performance review.

➢ Performing departmental file audits on training, licensing and proof of identity.

➢ Performing Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) checks on employee’s immigration status and work permit in the country.

➢ Provide assistance to the HR team by creating a new employee induction welcome pack and creating posters for company’s social events and employees birthday wishes for notice boards.

➢ Creating and editing a new employee handbook for Hotel Ibis.

The roles and responsibilities assigned to me have given me a clear understanding to the role of a HR professional in the real workforce. Through performing my various tasks I have learnt that the HR department has a very high responsibilities and is one of the key division that brings the company to life. Through my task of managing number of employee files,I have improve my general organising skills and attention to detail which I learn is one of the main key to become a great HR professional. At the earlier stage of my experience I was assigned to conduct a file audit for the first time with a very brief instruction, I feel challenged to complete my task as my supervisor was not around to ask questions, however I tried my best to finish the task by asking other team members and trying various methods, upon completion I still made a few mistakes. My supervisor gave me a feedback and stated that I need to improve on my attention to details. Although my supervisor ...

... middle of paper ... new interesting ideas and pictures to capture employee’s attention and convey their work culture and values through the new employee handbook. The new handbook I created impressed my supervisor and is now adopted as an employee welcome handbook for hotel Ibis Perth.

Critical Self-Evaluation:
Self evaluation has allow me to look at my strengths and weaknesses from my work experience and improve my employability skills and self-awareness where I can work and improve for the future. It also allows me to look back at my expectation versus the reality in the real workforce which gives me a clearer picture to my chosen career path. I have learnt that my strength lies on my great work ethics, drive, time management and creativity. However I have also learnt that I need to develop my confidence level and come out of my comfort zone and ask more question in the future.

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