Roles And Functions Of Social Workers Essay

Roles And Functions Of Social Workers Essay

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In this assignment I will examine the roles and functions of social workers in England and Wales with consideration of current changes in social policy as a result of the baby P tragedy. Firstly I will identify the key roles and skills of social workers and secondly relate it to social policy, then I will describe and explain the core principles and values of social work and lastly I will describe and analyse service user and carer expectations in relation to social work.
Social workers take on various roles, frequently acting as a broker or advocate, helping in the support that people require through creative use of all available means. Social workers aim to improve parenting and support the pies development of children and young people who need support. They also support underprivileged individuals of all ages to progress their physical and mental wellbeing, arrange quality alternate care for youngsters whose parents/guardians are unable to care for them, for the adults who can no longer look after themselves in their own homes and to safeguard the community from harm as a result. (Communitycare 2010). A Social Work report generally includes a public announcement on the broad range of circumstances where a person or family might need some social support, including: Caring for family members, problems with family, struggling with growing old, serious personal troubles, Substance abuse, difficulties with a disability. Trained social workers intercede into the private and family life in order to safeguard individuals from harm to themselves or others and encourage human development, security, inclusion and participation in society. Social work is a recognized professional discipline that works with other professionals to play a vit...

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...different techniques of working with each other which also uphold the integrity of both outlooks and promote equality between users and carers. Service user and carer expectations in social work can vary greatly due to their culture, beliefs and opinions as some service users who have just gotten old will be adamant that they do not need any help and feel that they are coping fine without any assistance.
In conclusion I have examined the roles and functions of social workers in England and Wales with consideration of current changes in social policy as a result of the baby P tragedy. Firstly I identified the key roles and skills of social workers and secondly I then related it to social policy, then I described and explained the core principles and values of social work and lastly I described and analysed service user and carer expectations in relation to social work.

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