Essay on Roles And Functions Of A Trainer

Essay on Roles And Functions Of A Trainer

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The Expanded Role and Responsibilities
Nevertheless, in the recent turbulent business environment, trainers and organisations face many challenges which require regenerative a more flexible roles for the trainer (Bryans and Smith, 2000; Rainbird, 2000). Besides the traditional roles and functions of a trainer outlined and described in the previous sections, the emerging issues concerning the trainer will be critically illustrated as well. Wognum (2001) comments that ‘a strategic HRD function requires trainers who can be innovators and consultants, rather than simply providers or managers of training.’ Reid et al. (2004) claim that in the world of learning, training and development, the highlight section has transferred from the trainer as expert and centre of attention to the learner with more autonomous destiny. These views potentially underpin the notion that learners can determine their own learning needs, or have relevant experience that they bring with them. Gold et al. (2010: 81) observe that ‘[a]n understanding of learning is therefore crucial for anyone involved in HRD-trainers, consultants and facilitators, assessors of qualifications, and especially, managers and leaders.’ Generally speaking, trainers today are more likely to play a facilitative or supportive role with guiding and interpretive characteristics. Since theories of training are based on practice of learning (Boxall et al., 2007), this essay holds that the concepts of ‘learning resource centre’, ‘learning organisation’ and ‘self-directed learning’ might be enlightening in demonstrating how the traditional role of trainers has changed or should change into a ‘expanded trainer role’ (McCracken and Wallace, 2000) to a large extent.
The creation and use of learni...

... middle of paper ... opportunities and supporting learning processes as an on-going and integrated part of daily organisational life’. Under such circumstances, the trainer has to shed the traditional role of providing training and learning, instead, to take up more strategic and proper roles in order for the training function to help organisations survive and flourish in this environment. The role for traditional trainers will still exist afterwards whereas demand will decrease (Fairhurst, 2009). Only by offering broad-based training infrastructure can keep pace with the growing knowledge-based environment (Rainbird, 2000). The challenge for trainers consists in developing a better understanding of how individual learn thereby getting a more favourable position for developing and creating competent trainees and so enhance the effectiveness of training and development (Robotham, 2003).

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