Role Race Played In America's Interaction With The World Essay

Role Race Played In America's Interaction With The World Essay

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Thomas Borstelmann scrutinizes the international extent of American cultural attitudes while skillfully demonstrating the remuneration of viewing domestic history in a universal framework. He brilliantly demonstrated the extensive impact of civil rights movements on domestic and international developments on the issue of race, which had a tremendous implication on U.S. foreign relations. His thorough understanding of American racial and cultural history makes him an exceptional authority on race relations of Presidents Harry S. Truman to George H. Bush.
Arguably, the struggle against racial prejudices and against apartheid in South Africa, was one of immense struggle, and had a tremendous impact on U.S. foreign relations with that country, and its colonial imperialism dominance. The Cold War was a period of great competition between the USSR and the USA, which created much anxiety for the U.S., after many of the colonial powers, surrendered their imperialist past in the Middle East and Africa. Borstelman argued that as a result, America hoped to contain the racial polarization in these countries by building the largest multiracial, anti-Communist coalition against the Soviet Union. (p.2).
Borstelman argued that American Cold Warriors tried to manage and control the efforts or racial reformers both domestically and internationally, by minimizing any provocation against white supremacy while encouraging gradual change. (p.2). He suggested that not all factions in the U.S. supported the need for racial harmony, and that even some prominent observers without a question show a total lack of concern on racial realities racing the U.S. and the new states. However, I beg to differ with Borstelman since one scholar Harold Isaacs, str...

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...ers. (145). Borstelman argued that it was Kennedy who received the highest praise from African Americans who appreciated his efforts to include darker faces in his administration. Borstelmann book presented a complicated dilemma for many U.S. administration that even with the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, in took decades for us to see any significant improvements in U.S. race relations. He thus clearly provided an extensive analysis of U.S. domestic and International policy on race relations, and the ramifications for their lack of indecision. As a result, all students of history and political science should now be able to fully explore the role race played in America’s interaction with the rest of the world. Borstelmann wrote a brilliant book, and his superb knowledge of U.S. history and Apartheid, clearly highlights his analytic abilities as a scholar.

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