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Role-Playing Addiction Essay

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    Gary Alan Fine reveals in his book Shared Fantasy: Role Playing Games as Social Worlds, “Players sometimes become so engrossed in the game that they may shelve their natural identity and temporarily adopt one of their characters” (11). I stare at my computer screen and decide if I want red or purple hair, if it should be short or long, and what hair style do I like. Choosing the way a person wants their character to look is very important as it represents oneself in the virtual world, even the name given to the avatar has significance. There is an intense connection between the player and their avatar. A large part of role-playing games is the interaction between the avatar and the player because they start to be an extension of oneself and people start to be them in an unexplainable way. It really is like having a alternate life. Role-playing games are so simple and complex at the same time, a person can easily become addicted to the world and daily life of their character.
    R.V. Kelly 2 from Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: The People, the Addiction, and the Playing Experience, asks the question, “Why would anyone abandon real life to immerse themselves in an invented universe?” (8). Kelly then goes on to explain his own addiction to the role-playing game he has chose to study and his amazement with his experiences. Role-playing games become very addictive both for the social interaction as well as the enjoyment someone gets from conquering a high level monster, getting better armor, or finishing a quest. The daily life of someone’s character can include such mundane tasks as cooking, shopping, picking out your clothes, fishing, swimming and so on. Why would some people rather do these acts in a video game...

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...lfilling place like a perfect world. We fantasize of a Utopian world as where everything is perfect and everyone is happy. I would love to say that this is how role-playing games are, but there are still bad and unhappy people in the world. Just because the world is more condensed does not mean it will not attract dreadful people and not everyone will get along. These people are not the majority of players so it does not damper a players experience. Role-playing games can pull you in for years as the social aspect bing you back. Some days I miss the world, but no longer have the time to spend to stay on top

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