The Role of Women in the Military Essay

The Role of Women in the Military Essay

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The Role of Women in the Military

Women have always played significant parts in the United States military throughout the years; even though in the early years they where not allowed to enlist, they still performed certain duties that was vital to the military. However the roles that women have played have often been limited to certain duties. Women in the past where limited in what they where allowed to do, but more and more opportunities are opening for them as times change and women continue to fight for equal rights.

Women over the years have had to overcome a lot of the cultural views on the roles women are expected to play, in order for them to be an accepted part of the military. Women have often been stereotyped as being weaker than their male peers and in earlier years the duties women where expected to play, where that of a homemaker. Serving in the military was not culturally acceptable, even though women still played very important roles that where vital to the military. During the Revolutionary War women often had to take on the duties of there husbands. They often had to run there husbands businesses and do many other duties that where considered a mans work. The increasing responsibilities women had to perform helped pave the way for acceptance in the military. Women proved they where able to perform the duties of there male peers and this helped open the doors to serving in the military.

Women began to be an accepted part of the military after the Army Nurse Corps was established in 1901, but they often played important roles all the way back to the American Revolution. One very memorable woman that played a role in the American Revolutionary War was Deborah Sampson. She entered the Continental Army dres...

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... with more acceptance by their male peers.

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