The Role of Women in Post-independent Africa Essay

The Role of Women in Post-independent Africa Essay

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Matsumoto (2001) states in virtually all human groups, women have greater responsibility for domestic activities, while men have greater responsibility for external activities (pg. 197). Therefore under such conditional thinking, one would naturally assume the male to have more of a presence in the household than the woman. Gender roles, sex role ideology, and gender stereotypes represent the way culture displays its belief in what they considered appropriate behavior from both male and female.
Socialization agents are factors within our culture that not only affects us as individuals, but the society in which we reside; sources from which we learn about ourselves and our culture. What’s socially acceptable for women in American culture, may pose as disobedience in another. This proves to be true in individualism culture of Americans as opposed to collectivism culture found in South Africans.
Makanga (2011) claims there is always been an imbalance in African cultures, though in female to male ratio women far exceed men, they remain underserved and unrecognized as holding significant value. This is due to traditions and beliefs passed on for generations, viewed as the only accepted way of living. The structure in the home puts the male at the head of the house, and the women as a quote on quote help mate. She is expected to bear children, nurture them, and provide for the household. Islamic views weigh heavily in choices made, one of them implying the man of the house is allowed to take in four wives. According to Chinelo (2013) it fulfills the terms of infertility, sexual prowess, the number of female births in comparison to male children (para 4). If the African male decides polygamy, it is suggested that he be capable of lovin...

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...ons, I believe I would be the one to take a stand. I’ve known women to do it, and still doing it today. Which may contribute to the fact of them coming the US to get their education.

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