The Role Of Women During The Greek Society Essay

The Role Of Women During The Greek Society Essay

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The role of women in society is often debated. In many ancient cultures, women were not granted the same rights that men had. When it comes to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, women had very similar roles yet vastly different influences on society. The myths of these cultures helps us to see exactly what those differences are. This paper will examine the role and perceptions of women in Greek society and Roman society as exemplified by the mythology that guided these societies.
In Greek society, if a woman was raped she was blamed and socially punished. Women were thought of as unintelligent, not worthy of being considered a citizen of the polis. Women were thought of as irrational, rebellious, sexual beings who needed to be tamed. They were meant to be submissive and did not get to decide who they got to marry, although marriage was the most important decision in a woman’s life. She was not wedded, she was “given in marriage” by a father or other male relative. Women had no property, because the husband controlled all the property. They could inherit property from a brother only, bu...

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