Essay about The Role of Women before and during World War I

Essay about The Role of Women before and during World War I

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From having no influence in society to being a large part of the modern day, women have evolved alongside the ever changing culture they live in. The change was not always accepted by society and women felt the pressure to not develop their roles from the men and women who were not in favor of change. The change in women’s roles was visible in stories that were read during the year. The roles of women that are evident in the plays A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen, and Antigone, by Sophocles, and the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald help to show how women’s roles have evolved from being unequal to the societal roles of men to being considered equals; although, there are still aspects of life where misogynistic behaviors are shown towards women who have decided to created a different role in society for themselves.
In Ancient Greece, the tasks of the women were all household tasks whereas the men had political influence and were able to work outside of the house. It was not acceptable for women to participate in legal events in which she was the one it was being held for. Because of this societal rule, the women’s kyrios, a male who would be the connection between a women and the public, would represent her (Blundell). This is different in the modern day where women can represent themselves in court or even represent other men or women. Also, legally, a woman living in Ancient Greece had no “independent existence” (Blundell). This would have given them fewer rights than the men of that time had. Antigone, the main character in Antigone, was a woman living in Ancient Greece. One duty of hers, as a woman, was to take care of the burial of family members. In the play, Antigone’s two brothers both died ...

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... jobs (Murdoch). Ultimately, women made it to the front lines with the other enlisted men.

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