The Role Of Warfare During World War One Essay

The Role Of Warfare During World War One Essay

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World War One was a time of great flourish in terms of technology, chemical, economic and political warfare. The Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia and the Triple Alliance; German, Austria-Hungary, Italy experienced the harmful and positive impacts that this change instigated. Warfare falls under several categories, but two, technological and strategical, were the majoring factors during the war as they ultimately controlled the war’s outcome. The technological and strategical changes harmfully impacted not only soldiers’ but civilians’ lives, as well, in the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance through their health and overall lifestyle, despite the destructive outcomes of these factors, new positions and opportunities arose for women plus other discriminated individuals.

Warfare took a drastic change during World War One, improving many different aspects of the war and worsened others. Two types of warfare, technological and strategical were used simultaneously during the battle and while one was improving and thriving, the other was based off older ideas and in turn caused devastating impacts. The First World War saw an increase in the amount of dangerous technology that became available for fighting soldiers. Weapons such as; machine guns, flamethrowers, artillery, poison gas and aircraft were developed and used for the first time during the war. The increased number of deadly weapons was caused by the ability to mass produce due to the Industrial Revolution period that took place during the 18th and 19th century. Mass production could possibly be argued that it was the deadliest weapon of the war, allowing both sides to produce more weapons in a shorter period of time leading to a shocking number of deaths. Machine g...

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...tegies to combat with the highly new weaponry that was available and it produced devastating results. The lack of success of the overall strategy meant it failed to provide any means to end the stalemate. The changes in strategical warfare were severe in its harmful impacts on peoples’ lives.
Problems, instability, uncertainties, advanced weapons beyond their control combined with the outdated strategies had devastating effects on the deaths of soldiers’ lives and civilians. The advance in technology also bought beneficial impacts towards the woman suffrage movement and opened up new opportunities. However, it affected their health due to lack of safety which in turn had a harmful impact on their families if they were killed. To an extent the changes in warfare had a beneficial impact on peoples’ lives, however, the amount of harmful impacts outweighs the positives.

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