Role of Top Management in Staff Development Essay

Role of Top Management in Staff Development Essay

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1.1 Introduction of the project:
This project will be focused on the role of the top management in staff development, for this purpose a comparative analysis between NBP and Soneri bank Ltd will be made. Completion of this project will be based on survey questionnaires and interviews from Top level, Middle level managers and Operational level staff. In this project Training and Development program of both organizations will be analyzed comparatively, the key Role and Performance of top Mangers in staff development will be examined and deficiencies in Training and Development program of both organizations will be investigated and uncovered as well. And this project will be helpful in identifying the Role of Top Management playing for improving the staff skills. The commitment and affiliation of staff to the work and organization will also be analyzed which will be helpful in formulation of policies to the Top Management for improving the behaviors and attitude of staff.
The main instrument for measuring the concept and objective of this project are survey questionnaires and interviews.

1.2 Background:
This project will attempt to evaluate the top management role in NBP and Soneri bank ltd to enhancing staff development. This project highlight the demographic characteristic of the top management and staff in both organization with identify the statement of the problem between both sectors these problem create lot of bed impacts on the progress of the public and private sectors bank these problem born due to negligence’s of planning polices and lack of the staff development of top management. In this project identify the problem and their impacts and also work on their solutions the statement of the problem as fallow...

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...agement, Vol. 13 No.1, pp.3-20

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