The Role of the Social Worker Helps Clients Improve Their Social Functioning

The Role of the Social Worker Helps Clients Improve Their Social Functioning

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Social Work is a discipline that can be a very rewarding experience for both the worker and the client. The practice involves working with individuals, families, or groups who are struggling to cope with life`s challenges. The social worker must combine his or her personal qualities, creative abilities, and social concerns with the professional knowledge in order to help client’s social functioning or prevent social problems from developing (Bradford W. Sheafor, 2008, p. 34). Social work practice seeks to promote human well-being, while addressing the processes by which individuals and groups are marginalized or diminished in their capacity to participate as citizens (Ian O'Connor, 2006, p. 1).
There are many different perspectives and approaches reviewed by the practitioner to determine a suitable approach towards intervention. When determining the best fit for the client`s needs, the practitioner assesses the client in regards to the environment the client lives in or is associated with, family dynamics, and many others. The practitioner also relies on their own values and beliefs to help guide them with this decision (Micheson, 2011).
Your values are your driving force, meaning that it outlines what influences you and what qualities are important (Micheson, 2011). Values are a consistent preference that affects one’s decisions and actions based on that person’s deepest beliefs and commitments. Values are the fundamental beliefs about how things should be and what is right and worthwhile (Bradford W. Sheafor, 2008, pp. 36,39). Your beliefs are our assumptions, and supports how we view the world; shaping what we feel is true. These are important components to the process of practice framework because they are connected to how...

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...ard to being a voice for my future client’s, by helping to remove barriers or obstacles that restrict clients from realizing their civil rights or receiving entitlements or benefits due to them (Micheson, 2011).

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