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Role Of The President Of The United States Essay example

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The role of the President of the United States of America has always had many different aspects. One of those aspects that has used in many different capacities over America’s existence is the ability of the President to craft foreign policy and establish foreign relations. President Dwight D. Eisenhower assumed the office of the President in the midst of America’s longest war-like period, the Cold War. During his tenure, Eisenhower was faced with many different global situations where the freedom of America and her Western allies would face-off against the communism of the Soviet Union. Eisenhower believed that the Middle East was crucial in America’s fight against the Soviets, and thus he would attempt to focus a vast amount of American resources to gain and keep allied states in this area. This practice would be presented to the American people as the Eisenhower Doctrine. Unlike some of his most recent predecessors, Eisenhower believed that Congress’ cooperation in development of this foreign policy was crucial. It was not merely because he believed he didn’t have the authority to take these actions alone, but because he believed that a unified statement from the entirety of the United States government would be more influential in sending a message of anti-Communism to America’s allies in the Middle East.
For all of America’s existence, the foreign policy crafting role of Presidents has been viewed and used in various capacities. America’s first President, George Washington, was very hesitant in crafting foreign policy that would engage America in more conflicts after America’s war for independence. Shortly after the creation of America, the nation of France declared war on many of its fellow European countries. They would the...

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...e fact that Russia was a permanent, vetoing member of the Security Council. In his fourth point, Eisenhower states that the time has come for America to take a firm stance in its support for the independence of the countries in this region.
The fifth point addresses Eisenhower’s need to come before Congress and ask for their support. Eisenhower approaches this idea with the view that he, as President, already possessed the powers and abilities needed to enforce the principles of the Eisenhower Doctrine. He states that the reason for approaching Congress and asking for their support is that the situation needed and required a unified mandate from the American government. This unified mandate was needed to combat the aggression by the Soviet Union toward the Middle East, by giving the Middle Eastern people the bravery and fortitude needed to protect their indepence.

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