Essay on The Role Of The Organization Of Victims And Victims ' Rights

Essay on The Role Of The Organization Of Victims And Victims ' Rights

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The next question in the interview was, define the role of the organization in relation to victims and victims’ rights? Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) stated she is the support worker and that most of the time victims of crime are unaware of the victims support workers or the victim services units. Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) explained that the unit will look over all of the files and logs from the previous day and then determine which one the units will take. Some of the files the unit is given are ones they are unable to take and will then be passed on to family services Regina. Moving forward, Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) explained the process of how they give victims the chance to receive information about their court dates, different support services that are available and what the victim can expect moving forward and how they can deal with their experience. She stated the unit also gives referrals to different counselling services that a victim may need.
Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) stated there are many times that the incident may not include a suspect or witness, but the victim may not have any support system. The unit will provide the same type of treatment to all of its victims no matter what the circumstances are. Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) said they respect the rights of victims who may not want the services provided, or the victims may want the support workers to call once or twice a week. This is all in an effort to show people there is someone who cares. Poitras ended the question by explaining victim compensation. Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) stated that if there are times a vi...

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...upport worker in order to help with files. She is hopeful that the future for victim services is bright and will continue to move forward and evolve as Canada continues to do so as well.
When asked what advice Poitras would like to give someone who wants to work with victims of crime she kept her answer simple, yet explanatory. She stated, “They need to be prepared” (Poitras, personal communication, November 25, 2016). She went on to explain that there are many types of files involving homicides or assaults, and people need to be ready for some of the things a victim may say. Poitras (personal communication, November 25, 2016) advised the writer that people say things that are descriptive and the victim support worker needs to prepare for some pretty heavy things when working with victims.
Poitras did not have anything else to add to the interview at this point.

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