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Role of the Library Media Teacher Essays

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In order to implement lifelong learning among students, library media teachers also known as teacher librarians should perform information literacy instruction in their school with the collaboration with school teachers in lessons planning. The American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Leaner (2007) mentions that school libraries are essential to the development of learning skills. However, are library media teachers capable and competence to perform their roles towards information literacy very well and does all school teachers really realize and understand about the roles of library media teachers? What are the teachers’ perceptions towards the role of library media teacher? The Library Association of Malaysia feels that if it is to be cost effective in supporting quality education, the person in charge of the library must be a person above of average capabilities who has a considerable degree of expertise in the fields of both library science and education (Winslade, 1979). All the questions can be answered by investigating the teachers’ perception on the roles of library media teachers.
In Malaysia, beginning 2006, the government has started entrusting qualified teachers as library media teachers in every school (Abrizah & Zainab, 2008). The roles of library media teachers are very important in every school. This is because they will help in developing information literate person. They are also information experts who help in developing information literacy skills among school students by cooperating with other school teachers to make sure learning become more effective and efficient including cooperating in administrative operation. The Association of Teacher-Librarianship of Canada (1998), po...

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