The Role of the Family in a Child's Education Essay

The Role of the Family in a Child's Education Essay

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1. What is your definition of family?
Family is defined by the text as “two or more persons living together and linked for financial or emotional support” (Barbour, Barbour & Scully, 2011). For my purposes family is defined as those with whom I maintain a close bond, whether or not they live with me. For example, I have a brother, who might be defined as :family” as we were raised in the same house, but I also have friends that I consider “family” based on emotional support I derive from their friendship.
2. What is your “family of origin”?
My family of origin consists of my biological father, who died when I was 19 and still a technical resident of the home (a college student), my biological mother, who is still alive, and one brother, approximately two and a half years younger than me.
3. Make a list of the ways your parents were involved in your childcare/school experience.
My parents were involved in my school experience in a very hands-on manner. As I was raised by teachers, my household was one of constant learning and exploration. My parents volunteered as much as possible within the confines of their schedules with work, etc., attending conferences and participating in the PTO of whichever school I was attending. My parents were the primary decision makers regarding my educational experience. I would say that their involvement in my schooling was a combination of all of the above!
With regards to parent involvement in my teaching experience, I have only taught in a once a week Kindermusik setting, and the parents and caregivers have always been very involved with both the children in their own care and those in the class as a whole. I did plan a field trip for one class, and the parents were all in attendance and ...

... middle of paper ... are also an effective method of sharing information with parents. If the school has an established time schedule for newsletter printing and distribution, the parents may rely upon this as a way of keeping up with important dates and information about their child’s growth and the needs of the classroom. With the growth of the new media, an email list can also provide effective and prompt information to the class as a whole, but cannot be effectively relied upon, as the assumption cannot be made that all people have email addresses or internet access.

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