Role Of The Fair Work Commission Essay

Role Of The Fair Work Commission Essay

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In this part, the task is to explain the role of the Fair Work Commission and the powers it is able to exercise in relation to this process. The Fair Work Commission is the self-governing national workplace relations tribunal and its main concern is to sustain a safety standard of salaries and working conditions, as well as other related areas such as workplace regulation and function (Australian Government, 2015).
The character of the Fair Work Commission is to ensure that the negotiating process and industrial activity are carried out in accordance to the Commonwealth workplace laws. Bargaining representatives of workers must contact the Fair Work Commission before they want to take industrial action to assist their claims (Australian Government, 2015). There are other roles that the Fair Work Commission is in charge, including:
• To solve unfair and unlawful dismissal, unfair dismissal means a dismissal of a worker that is harsh or unreasonable in the given situations, and unlawful dismissal means dismissal of worker due to discriminatory reasons (Australian Government, 2015).
• To investigate bullying complaints, when an individual or group of individuals continually act unreasonably towards another person or group of people (Australian Government, 2015).
• To solve protection claims, the Fair Work Commission is in charge of defending workplace rights and freedom of association, providing protection for workers from discrimination and unfair treatment (Australian Government, 2015).
Moreover, the Fair Work Commission also has the power to disrupt or stop both protected and unprotected industrial action, which such influences are enforceable in the courts (Australian Government, 2015). In relation to the bargaining process, th...

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...he Fair Work Act (Chapman, 2015). According to an example, a business in Albury- Wodonga had dismissed an employee due to the breach of occupational and safety laws after an employee continually denied to wear safety glasses at work (Sloan, 2011). However, after checking the worker’s reinstatement, the Fair Work Australia stated that the worker had a family and he has found it challenging to get a different occupation (Quinlan, Bohle, Rawing-Way, 2015). In 2009 to 2010, three-quarters demanded a cash payout to the worker and the cases of employees requiring walk away with money for unfair dismissal continue to increase (Chapman, 2015). According to analysis, the evidence shown that the unfair dismissal requirements are the most conflicting and inconsistent from the manager’s perspective. Therefore, the essay argues that unfair dismissal provisions should be improved.

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