The Role Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

The Role Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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As the average teenager, you often fantasize of achieving the American Dream with the hopes of being accepted into society in which you contribute such efforts of success and happiness. It also can be said, that America is made up of opportunities and second chances to better ones life, yet some over others are born into a life full of set backs. In today’s society, committing one mistake against the law is too many and what follows can change a life. In the United States, the criminal justice system holds accountable for those who commit a crime in efforts to discipline disorderly behavioral acts and to protect society from such danger. For the inmates who are eighteen and younger that have a life ahead of themselves, post-prison life becomes disrupted due to the developed psychological disorders adapted during prison life under the care of the prison warden. Despite the role of the criminal justice system, a reform is needed to rethink the potential consequences of everlasting trauma that arise from abusing such practices against the prisoners in efforts to rehabilitation and safety.
The youth and adolescence that violate the law are tried and incarcerated varying the extent of their charge and in which they become another number in the prison community. Once incarcerated, the everyday lifestyle of a human being is taken away and adapted by a new life separate and restricted from reality. All while adapting to prison life; disrupting human behavior is deemed and prisoners are disciplined, including a prison transfer, solitary confinement, or confiscation of visiting hours and personal items. Solitary confinement, also known as one of the cruelest punishments a prisoner can receive, is relocating the inmate into an isolated ce...

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...e beginning. Personally, I define the role of imprisonment as a method to separate the moral and immoral citizens and to provide an environment for rehabilitation. There are those who commit violent offenses and should remain behind bars, but those who commit nonviolent offenses should be given a second chance in life. In state and federal prison systems, the prisoners become their responsibility and in some cases prisoner’s rights are violated under the 8th amendment regarding cruel and unusual punishment. The use of solitary confinement is a tool of torture rather than discipline and counteracts the idea of rehabilitation. Our nation faces such criticism for high rates of incarceration and the practices used against the prisoners has gained attention with efforts that the criminal justice system can help our community as a whole and not limited to only prisoners.

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