Essay on The Role Of The Church Today Modern Society?

Essay on The Role Of The Church Today Modern Society?

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What is the role of the church in modern society?
The church has been around for many years. Throughout those years people have gone to the church to worship the Lord, to just spend time with God, to go to confession, to witness baptisms and marriages. For me, I’ve gone to church to worship and I’ve gone to confession a few times. I even witnessed a baptism and a marriage. People go to church for many reasons. In today’s modern society, the church has many roles.
According to Martin Luther, one role is the church is a place for “…the preaching and hearing of word of God” (Luther, 150). The church is where many people go to hear their priest preach the word of God. These people also go to hear the priest explain the gospel and to give his homily. Usually the homily is a sermon the priest gives after reading the gospel and it usually teaches people a life lesson. I know that whenever I go to mass, during the homily I do learn a new lesson. Sometimes that lesson is about loving my enemies, or about being a better person. After hearing those lessons I try to incorporate them in my everyday life. Instead of getting angry and staying mad at my enemies, I try to remember what the gospel was about for that week and what my priest said. Once I think about that I realize that there is no point in staying mad at my enemies and I decide to forgive them.
Martin Luther also said that the church is a place for “…proper public worship” (Luther, 150). When people go to church they are in the perfect place for worship. In church there are no distractions and everybody there wants to pray and worship the Lord as much as you want to. When people go to church they don’t go because they want to show off to their friends or prove that they are be...

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... the kingdom of God. I think that it’s necessary for people to remember and reflect upon what Jesus did for us.
The church has many roles in modern society. Some of those roles were being a place of worship, a place where people can go and hear the word of God, a place where all the sacraments can occur, a place that bears the cross and a place that gives meaning, purpose and ethics to the world. Without the church, people wouldn’t have a place to worship or a place to learn more about Jesus and the word of God. The church is essential for modern world today because in a world filled with chaos it’s always good to have a place that’s calm and that you can feel the presence of God. Going to church can help remind people that God is still here, even when they feel abandon. People can witness God’s presence and grace through the scriptures and through the sacraments.

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