Essay on Role of Technology in Protecting the Environment

Essay on Role of Technology in Protecting the Environment

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Over the past few decades, technologies have made a few great contributions to the environmental protection. Renewable technologies have reduced the demand of fossil fuel; computer technologies have enabled paperless office into reality and thus decreasing the number of trees used to produce paper. Therefore, I have come in to believe that technologies will serve as a major role in protecting the environment, both in the present and future. However, due to certain limitations like political agenda in the current globalized world, the role of technologies may be suppressed and may only be fulfilled in the future.

Current Perspective
One of the most significant technological advancement today that aimed to protect our environment is perhaps the availability and affordability of the improvised digital technology. Through the invention of computer and phone technologies such as phablet, we have reduced our reliance on paper which in turn saved our trees. As the internet and other social media like Facebook become widely available, we have exposed ourselves to various forms of environmental alerts through reading environmental articles and watching documentaries like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth. This helps us to be more socially responsible in the way we treat our environment. Hence, digital technology has helped to save the environment now by transforming the way we record information and provide an enormous medium to deliver the crucial environmental messages.

In addition, current technologies have been gradually transformed or invented to meet both human and environmental needs. This can be seen from the invention of what E. S. Stevens called bio-plastic in his book Green Plastic to the creation of St...

... middle of paper ...

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