Role Of Technology As A Process Enabler Essay

Role Of Technology As A Process Enabler Essay

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Role of Technology as a process enabler

3.1 IT strategies
Mulcaster (2010) elaborated that the commitment and management of information system groups should be uniform with the enterprise dependency on technology. The author identified three major strategies which act as a facilitator of any processes within an enterprise. Internal strategy is concerned with the promotion of coherent organizational structures. Competitive strategies anchor on ambitious or ruthless moves within the enterprise. Business portfolio strategies are concerned with the selection of which enterprise to compete in. Information Technology acts as a backbone of any corporation for the proper execution of the three above mentioned strategies. Thus IT helps to put the business process in order.
The above case study highlighted that the four key strategies for IT includes:
Lead: involves responsibility regarding utilization of IT. Nair, Vaidehi & Suma (2012), effective use of technology must be done through strong leadership which is clearly implemented
Manage which includes responsibility to manage utilization of services as well as cost. Supporting this fact, Reksoatmodjo (2012) also specifies proper management of IT is required for cost reduction.
Deliver which includes responsibility to deliver IT solutions. Reksoatmodjo (2012) also emphasizes on the delivery of the product on time for customer satisfaction.
Source: the ability to provide long term services.
Air products have implemented these strategies in a reasonable way every business does. However, Aversano, Grasso and Tortorella (2012) adds up, IT alignment is one of the most important thing to consider while implementing with business. Understanding the role and Scope of strategies, fl...

... middle of paper ...

...vation on business process. African Journal of business management; 4 (18).4096-4105
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