The Role Of Sustainability Victoria And Its Priorities On Terms Of Integrated Waste Management

The Role Of Sustainability Victoria And Its Priorities On Terms Of Integrated Waste Management

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The purpose of this report is to understand what is sustainability, what is the role of Sustainability Victoria and its priorities in terms of integrated waste management. By focusing on two aspects of integrated waste management, material recovery and waste minimisation I will try to identify different ways for practising sustainability in everyday lives.
1.2 Aims & Objectives
 To define Sustainability Victoria, its role, purpose and statutory objective;
 To explain what is integrated waste management;
 To identify current initiatives/programs used to increase materials recovery;
 To identify current campaigns used in waste minimisation;
 To explain ways for improving practising of sustainability in everyday lives.
2.0 Sustainability Victoria
Sustainability Victoria (SV) is a statutory authority established by the ‘Sustainability Victoria Act 2005’ whose purpose is to manage resource efficiency, integrated waste management and the Sustainability Fund in Victoria. Its role is to assist households and businesses in making more sustainable choices thus supporting future generations in making the same good choices. SV’s statutory objective is to facilitate and encourage environmental sustainability in the use of resources.
Sustainability could be defined as an ability of something to be maintained or to sustain itself. This means taking what we need to live now, without threatening the potential for people in the future to meet their needs.
‘Being Green’ means making decisions that are more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible that can help in protecting the environment and preserve natural resources for present and future generations.
Environmentally Friendly means that something is good for the environment...

... middle of paper ... to raise awareness of the large amounts of avoidable food waste and offers tips for households for reducing waste and saving money on wasted food. More information about the campaign and ways to reduce food waste can be found on the Love Food Hate Waste website.
3.3 Local Council Visit

Upon visiting my local council, City of Melton, I found out that the Melton Recycling Facility has a transfer station, the Re-sale Centre and the Permanent Drop-Off Site. Transfer station is used for dropping off materials that can be recycled (such as green waste, concrete, tyres, whitegoods, electronic waste) and for waste that cannot be recovered and is going to be sent to landfill. Re-sale Centre is used for re-selling the household items that are in good condition. Permanent Drop-Off Site also called ‘Detox your Home’ centre is used to dispose of toxic household chemicals.

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