The Role Of Student Athlete Gender On Social Capital Within The Team Setting

The Role Of Student Athlete Gender On Social Capital Within The Team Setting

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Clopton, A. W. (2012). Social capital, gender, and the student athlete. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, And Practice, 16(4), 272-288. doi:10.1037/a0028376
The research question/hypothesis to this study was to examine the role of gender in social capital in undergraduate college athletes. In the study, what is already known is that female athletes on campus relate more with their peers versus their male counterparts and White student athletes report more capital than Black student athletes. The article actually lists three hypotheses: Hypothesis 1: There will be no significant main effects of either student-athlete gender or sport type (team or individual) on overall social capital measures; Hypothesis 2: There will be a significant main effect of student-athlete gender on social capital within the team Setting; Hypothesis 3: There will be a significant main effect of sport type on social capital within the team setting. They operationalized the variables by 23 institutions at NCAA Division-I level being randomly selected to only pick undergraduate students. Student athlete’s names and email addresses were randomly selected from a campus directory and the names and emails were uploaded into for each institution. Letters about pre-notification were sent to the 1600 participants affiliated with the Bowl championship Series.
The results were that male student athletes competing in individual sports reported higher levels of social networks, trust, and social capital versus male student athletes that participated on teams. Female student athletes reported higher levels of trust, social networks and social capital on sports teams than on individual sport teams. This tells me about the research question that male stu...

... middle of paper ... Education, 40(6), 584-589. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2929.2006.02448.x
In the Stress, debt and undergraduate medical student performance by Ross, Cleland & Macleod, the research question was to see how student debt affects student performance. It has been studied based on the article that students that have higher debts tend to worry more and perform less well on exams compared to their peers. For the methods section, they did an electronic survey that contained demographics, debt income and stress to see the relationship between the variables. Overall, students that worried the most about money had higher levels of debt and also did more poorly on examinations than their peers. What this tells me about the research question is that college students that are in debt tend to worry more or are more stressed out and therefore perform more poorly in school/on exams.

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