The Role Of Social Skills For Children Essay example

The Role Of Social Skills For Children Essay example

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Families in the Americas have dramatically changed over the past 60 years. As the years go by, they continue to become more diverse. The functionality and structural beliefs of a family have great effect to this diversity, becoming dependent of the cultures that are made up of this function.
The family is the most important agent of socialization because it connects as a bonding between one another in the largest aspect of life. Family members become very trustworthy, since as a child or any age of a minor, you tend to become very dependant of them to raise and cherish you. Family members are usually the first practices of social skills for children. Communicating with your loved ones is the first thing we learn of socialization when we are only an infant. As you grow, so does your trust and dependence for your family. Communication with family members is the first building block of social skills for most people across the globe, where children learn the arts of relating to their society or organization. Families communicating with other families also counts as an important factor of socialization. Diverse American families getting one another can help citizens understand more thoughtfully about each other and how their lifestyles effect their family’s structural beliefs.
Over many decades in the Americas, many drastic changes have occurred to American families across the continent. In 1960, 45 percent of American families are made up of a married man and woman with one or more child in a household. Over the years, there have been dramatic changes. Forty years late in 2010, less than 25 percent of American families are contained of a married man and woman with their children within a household. Families in North America are decre...

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... Americas. However, in August 18th, 1920, women of the United States got the right to vote, also known as women suffrage, yet there was not much change to family characteristics until the 1960s. If the trend changed towards traditional, pre-World War II families, the women’s rights would probably increase in power within my perspectives. The trend of diverse families would lead as freedom to all ethnicities in the United States, letting the families and citizens become diverse in many various ways. This act could also then quickly lead to the rights for women.
In conclusion, families of the Americas have made drastic changes over the past few decades, involving the manifests that structure the cultural beliefs of families within the societies. These diverse changes may come out as positive or negative, depending on the perspectives of the citizens’ ways of lifestyle.

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