Essay on The Role Of Social Media On The New Technological Generation

Essay on The Role Of Social Media On The New Technological Generation

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The ways in which people interact, connect, and communicate with one another has changed significantly due to technology. This is parallel to the rise of dating networks. Twenty years ago, dating strictly consisted of face-to-face interactions. A change first occurred when basic dating websites were introduced. These websites asked various questions about interests, hobbies, career, and life. This information is then used to match users with people who share similar characteristics. However, a new dating social network, Tinder, has “swiped” the nation and created a sensation: The Tinder Effect. Tinder has enhanced the need for instant gratification in our “hookup culture”, and by analyzing how it works we can determine how it can and cannot relate to realistic relationships.
Social media plays a huge role in relationships in the new technological generation. Many people meet through mutual friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The phrase “it all started with a DM” and “sliding through your DMs” are terms associated with people sparking a conversation through Twitter that ended in a serious relationship. A Direct Message, or DM is Twitter’s messaging service. Through Direct Message, app developers began to realize how dating and social media are intertwined. Apps were then developed to target to this idea of “meeting your significant other online”. Tinder uses this social media information and has created the most popular dating website to date (Bilton).
Tinder has expanded greatly since its launch in 2012 and has risen to become a cultural phenomenon (Stampler). Tinder currently has fifty million monthly users averaging from 18-24 years old, as well as 1 billion profile swipes daily (Shontell). The simplistic function is ...

... middle of paper ... match singles and place them in a non-threatening and easy-to-chat environment is unmatched. Tinder also has given rise to many negative affects, such as Internet harassment, “catfishing”, unrealistic expectations for dating, and a revolution in the perception of dating. In a technologically dependent society that relies more on instant gratification and physical attraction, Tinder thrives. The most important detail of Tinder is that the user must feel comfortable with the process. He or she decides whether this app is a viable way to interact with others, regardless of all of its’ negative affects. Similarly to how some people may feel more relaxed mingling at a bar, if Tinder is the way he or she is comfortable, then it is a realistic way to start a relationship. Whether the strategy Tinder uses takes on love is realistic or not, is up to the user to interpret.

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